Dr650 piston kit

This kit replaces the stock carburetor with a true pumper carb. This will bring out the beast in the DRZ. Kit includes a brand-new carburetor, throttle cables and a new throttle assembly which is required for the new pull-push cable system. Stock bore replacement pistons from Wiseco. You have your choice of the standard compression ratio of Solid reliability and easy installation.

This manual tensioner is a good upgrade for any modified motor, especially if it is ridden hard. A new gasket is included. You are going to need it if you work on your starter motor. It is not a good idea to re-use this gasket.

If it blows out, it will dump a large amount of oil onto your right foot. Your automatic cam chain tensioner is spring loaded. This can make it difficult to install as it wants to extend before you have it bolted into place. This handy tool will back off the cam chain tensioner mechanism and hold it for you.

No more awkward 3-handed contortions are required to get the tensioner installed. A high quality cam chain from the folks at Wiseco.

dr650 piston kit

New cams, big bore kit, high-mileage motor, you might want to think about a new cam chain. Direct replacement for stock unit. As the leader in innovation, design and development of aftermarket high-performance camshafts, Hot Cams is certain to provide the added boost that enthusiasts are looking for.

Stage 1: These cams provide better low RPM torque, pulling power, and throttle response.A lot of guys love them, a few hate them. Here are the good points, bad points, and needed mods. In a nutshell, the DRSE is an extremely cheap reliable dual-purpose bike that has had almost no changes since its release in Given its age, it is heavy, the suspension is very old-fashioned and it is not a fast bike, yet part of the reason for its popularity and lack of updates is the original design works so well for certain riding styles.

Torque, torque and more torque - The DR was never designed to rev. It put outs heaps of low end power and very respectable mid-range power. This is ideal for most styles of riding that don't involve a lot of speed. DR reliability - heavy and old-fashioned, but built to last. The DRSE is famous for needing little apart from infrequent oil changes to last for years with minimal maintenance. There are a few minor issues see the section below but this is a short list compared to most bikes.

Handling and versatility of the DRSE - the suspension is too soft for true dirt riding, but nonetheless the DR is set up very well for handling road, adventure and easy trail riding. It's closest competitor, the Kawasaki KLR is more comfortable on the highway, but lacks the do-everything nature of the DR Fuel range and economy - the tank is surprisingly small given how often the DR is used as an adventure bike, but the economical engine normally goes to km or miles before hitting reserve with easy riding.

Cheap - price-wise the only competitor is the KLR If budget is important then it is hard to go past the DR as a dual purpose bike in the range. Seat height and ergonomics : An advantage of the older design is the DR doesn't sit as high as many modern bikes, so suits shorter riders easily.

If you still find the DR too high, there is an alternative bolt hole for the rear suspension to lower the bike further, then just slip the front forks a bit in your triple clamps to suit. However, the DR starts to get cramped for riders over six feet or cm height suggested mods below.

You can view our Youtube video of common DR mods here. As anyone knows, every single model of bike has issues, no matter how hard the manufacturer works to fix known issues.

This is a fairly comprehensive list, but far shorter than most bikes would have, so don't let it discourage you from considering the DR We just want you to be fully aware of the main potential issues. Weight : At a kg dry the DR is no feather weight compared to true dirt bikes, but it is at the light end of bikes suited for adventure riding.

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Cheap weight reduction tips are remove the rear footpegs and helmet lock, rear handholds, steel mounts for the headlight, fit lighter mirrors and replace the heavy preload spacers in the fork forks with alloy spacers or PVC tubing.

Then you need to start forking out cash for an aftermarket pipe or try the GSXR modreplace the rear mudguard extension with a lighter one, buy an aftermarket headlight, and replace the steel tank with a plastic one. More tips here. Countershaft sprocket seal can pop out- Not a common problem, but has happened to some riders and ruined their engines. It wan't until the models that Suzuki finally put these on the DR as standard!

Flimsy handlebars : The stock bars are known for bending or breaking the first time the bike goes down.Televising the Paris Dakar rally spawned European desire for replicas of the Enduro motorcycles used. These were liquid cooled machines with high capacity fuel tanks and half fairings, configured primarily for touring but could handle neglected pavement, gravel, dirt roads and trails. The big ADVs sold well, soaking up bumps and potholes with soft long travel suspension and eating up miles with a comfortable straight riding position, good visibility and modern styling.

The concept of recreational motorcycle exploration also captured American attention in the late eighties. Again, Honda and Suzuki used their air cooled cc dirt bikes as the as the platform to satisfy this burgeoning market. Displacement was boosted to cc to provide more torque to haul cargo and horsepower for efficient cruising. Electric start brought the bikes in line with street norms. Honda's history of durability and quality earned favored status when it entered the Dual Sport niche.

However, the XRL has suffered a complete lack of development throughout its decades of production. In contrast, Suzuki has continued to develop their DR to satisfy the Dual Sport market and master the delicate balance between smooth street performance and nimble off road handling.

The current DRs have shed the loud graphics and white side covers in favour of subdued solid colors. This illustrates the Zook's broad range of appeal, first bike, commuter, runabout, Dual Sport and with the help of some aftermarket parts, an excellent adventure bike or even round the world bike.

Adventure Modifications

The XRL suffers from a weak sub-frame that can snap under heavy loads. The gap in the gear ratios leads to excessive shifts between first and second. The tall seat height is a problem for short legged riders and the rear location of the battery box exposes it to damage.

2006 DR650 hi-comp piston

The lack of cush drive shortens the life of bearings, countershaft, gears and sprockets. However, sometimes you're just a Honda guy and that's where the debate ends.

The focus shifts to getting the desired performance upgrades. XRs Only, have a large selection of stock and aftermarket parts. Check out the below table too. A cush drive is a set of rubber blocks sandwiched between the rear sprocket and wheel hub. It cushions the drive components from the thumper's torque pulses when ridden on the street.

The XRL has still managed to sell in large quantities and has successfully completed trans-continental adventures. There are abundant aftermarket accessories that address its lack of development, listed at the bottom of the page. However, it's not the most economical route, unless you can snag a clean used example. If you want the most dirt capable bike with electric start then pick the XRL. Unless you are desert racing, the lack of oil cooler shouldn't be a problem once the motor is uncorked.

The DR is not perfect either but has the least compromises and issues to resolve. Screws securing the NSU, the internal switch that activates the neutral light, have a tendency to come loose and destroy the motor. The Philips head screws need to be replaced and secured with safety wire, a photo tutorial is available. Also, remove the upper chain roller and check for dry steering head bearings.

Kawasaki's KLR motor is liquid cooled and fuel injected, a comparatively heavy and complex powerplant. Valve adjustment is achieved by changing shims. Water cooled engines are more vulnerable in theory but any bike can be taken out in a drop. Oil coolers are equally exposed as radiators.

The real issue is weight. Dual Sports are designed for exploring trails; heavier bikes with soft suspension are less nimble and ultimately less fun.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. JE Piston Kits are superior OEM replacement and big bore piston kits that are thoroughly tested for engine performance and durability.

They are available in compression ratios that range from the standard Race gas is recommended for piston kits that at and above compression.

To serve the array of application requests from throughout the world, XR's Only offers ceramic coating as an option on all of its performance exclusive piston kits, which provides a distinct advantage over conventional pistons, as it delivers heat dissipation properties that contribute to improved component life, allowing the motor to operate at lower temperatures and thereby produce greater horsepower and torque. Piston kits include a new JE race piston, rings, wrist pin, and piston clips.

Special Order? CALL More Views. Qty: Add to Cart. Details JE Piston Kits are superior OEM replacement and big bore piston kits that are thoroughly tested for engine performance and durability. Related Products. Compare Products. Newsletter Sign Up for Our Newsletter:.Discussion in ' Thumpers ' started by therivermonsterMar 31, Log in or Join. Adventure Rider.

Dismiss Notice. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing. Life has been great with my trusty DR The bike has never let me down, and has taken me everywhere I have wanted to go. They are great bikes!

Then, the other day on the way home from work riding south bound on I5 from Seattle, I slowed for traffic ahead of me when WAM!

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A full size pickup truck rear ended me, and I found myself taking a nice pavement nap right in the middle of the freeway. Luckily the bike came through OK, but does need some minor repair. I'm doing my best to heal up with compression fractures to my lumbar spine.

dr650 piston kit

I decided it was time to put some work into the bike getting it back into running order. The accident did a fair bit of damage to the exhaust and right side Wolfman racks, but one thing I wanted to resolve was a cold starting issue that has been plaguing the DR for about a year now.

A couple of months ago I installed a Mikuni TM 40 from Procycle which is a nice piece of hardware, but this didn't resolve my cold start issues which I was hopping it would. The manual says that the cylinder should show PSI for the compression test, so 65 wasn't good news. As soon as I started to pump air into the cylinder I could hear it leaking out of the exhaust.

When I walked to the back of the bike I could easily feel the air coming out of the tail pipe. The leak down gauge showed pressure way low on the left side of the gauge, but I don't remember the exact number. This was a clear sign that there was probably an issue with the exhaust valves so I pulled the head. This is what I found Odviously some valve work is in order, but the cylinder walls look OK I think.

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Do they look OK?This is the most advanced piston available for the KLR! Gas ports for the top ring, piston lighter than others, broached slots in the wrist pin hole for improved oiling, updated second ring design for oil control. Tightened up tolerences on the ring grooves and acumulator groove to eliminate ring flutter and wear. Premium ring set. The stock ring, piston, wrist pin and circlips weigh grams. This exclusive piston kit weighs grams. This engine setup is much smoother than stock.

dr650 piston kit

The next batch with come with spiral type retainers for the wrist pin, since some people are having trouble installing the stronger aftermarket circlips.

Probe Industries has done a nice video here showing how to install the spiral lock. I'll get one up soon. At this time, only the current new and use these. Oversize piston kit, fits and later KLR Forged, lightweight, 2. Premium rings and wrist pin. Requires cylinder machining.

This kit includes required gaskets : head gasket, base gasket, exhaust headpipe crush copper gasket, cam chan tensioner gasket. Lighter and smoother than the factory setup.

If you have an oil user this is a good way to go. Improved performance and smoother engine. Much greater difference than expected for a 34cc increase. The head gasket is cut for the oversize bore. The performance and function is entirely dependant on the quality of the bore and honing, and install process. Insist on genuine Eagle parts! Made with pride in the USA! Pistons are in stock!

Availability: In-Stock. Related Items. Quick Search Advanced Search. All rights reserved.Discussion in ' Thumpers ' started by RiotPatJun 27, Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. Dismiss Notice. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing. RiotPatJun 27, My DRSE is back and better than ever. Started her up today after being down since before winter. I still have some things to put together, but very minor. Here's a quick recap.

DR650 JE High Compression Piston Kit With Metal Base Gasket

Made several wrong steps, causing me to undo many steps along the way. TravelfeetJun 27, ADV Sponsors. RiotPatJun 28, Initially, when I first started up my ' driveway I didn't think there was much difference in power. I shifted into second, then wacked the throttle open. I'm wheeling? A second gear throttle wheelie? My "old" DR was never able to do that!!!

And I'm not talking about a little wheel hop, it was an honest to goodness wheelie.

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I of course tried a few more, and was pleased with the ease at which the front end comes up. I tug it, but not much. In first, I don't have to tug at all. The bike seems stronger everywhere. Not bad I put the same in my wifes DR and it is much better off the bottom and midrange. The top end is no better though. It does better off the throttle in first gear but no second gear wheelies off the throttle. I'm running stock exhaust with air box opened up some and back fire screen removed.

Is high octane gas required when using a high compression piston? RiotPatJul 10, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. No, but I wanna be.

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